The Story

“He’s Not Your Daddy” is a story of unintended consequences resulting from one soldier’s actions from 1940 to this day in 2013. Chronicling the lives of the women he met, the women he married, the women he loved and the children her left behind.

It ‘s the heart wrenching tale of one child’s discovery of the “secrets” and subsequent search for the truth. A story about the children, how their lives were changed, limited by the choices made for them by the adults in their lives. The adults they trusted.

This story  is shared by “children” of all ages who pay the price of broken marriages, abandonment, no marriage, adoption, adoption by step parents. It sheds light on how they deal with learning about each other, the fact that some find joy and others are disappointed, disinterested, and the limits that personal history has placed on each of them as they work through new relationships, and the ups and downs of finding their own place in the birth order of their evolving family structure.

Join them in their journey.


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