Today was an emotional day. It was the day I realized that my generation was now considered the elders.  When I finally crawled into bed I needed to settle down before I could sleep. I keep a variety of books at the head of my bed. Reaching up I found a favorite bedtime book- Small Miracles, a collection of stories put together by Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal. I like a happy ending when I’m going to sleep.

I opened to a random page, to a lovely heart warming story. A blind woman was out walking and stopped at the traffic light, singing to herself, while waiting for someone to help her across the street. Finally a gentleman spoke to her, taking her arm, asking if he could accompany her across the street. Feeling grateful to have him at her side, they waited for the light and then arm in arm they crossed the street. Before she could thank him, he thanked her saying, “I don’t know if you realize how gratifying it is to find someone as cheerful as you to accompany a blind person across the street.”

They were both blind! The author, Charlotte Wechsler wrote, “That spring day has stayed with me forever.”  I can understand why.

It had been months since I’d read from this little book and I’d forgotten that after many of the stories there are comments. Turning the page there it was: “Sometimes when we feel most alone in the universe, God sends us a “twin” – a mirror image – to buffer and assuage our sense of differentness and isolation.”

It took my breath away, gave me the shivers and brought tears to my eyes. In 2007 after years of searching I had finally connected with my half sister. She is a petite blond and I am a slightly taller brunette, she is quiet while I am more out spoken. We share the same biological father and out mothers look enough alike that they could be taken for sisters. The fact that they raised us alone and worked to support us until we were school age was another similarity. Our lives have run on parallel lines, like mirror images. We felt like twins almost immediately. Sometimes like the same person or a split personality. Our hopes, fears, needs and desire to know our father were things we shared. In a matter of a few weeks we developed a rare connection, like ESP sometimes. It feels like we have known each other forever. The end of the story says it all, two blind people needing help to cross a busy street found each other! How unlikely is that? Kind of like me searching the world for my sister.

What are the odds of finding this short story when I needed it?

1 thought on “Twins

  1. Kecia Adams

    Sometimes the universe reaches out to you, and if you’re listening it can be truly helpful and enlightening. I had a similar experience with a blog post on compassion from a writer whose blog I just happened to click on. Love that serendipity!


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