Strange and Mysterious Happenings

Strange and Mysterious Happenings

I believe in a mothers intuition, in a link with your children that can reach beyond what we could ever imagine. Until it happens to you it seems like a crazy thing to say.

In the sleepy little town we lived in there was nothing for active teenagers to do on weekends.  Our winter solution was skiing every weekend, often inviting friends to join us. They joined the race team and I watched them from our bay window over looking the finish line. Our first full year despite thin snow coverage, the hill opened for skiing on Thanksgiving.

On Dec 13, 1987 when the sun rose, the light snow cover that fell through the night combined with aggressive snow making provided a sparkling backdrop. Against it we watched the brightly dressed junior ski racers come flying down the hill.

My friend and I were sitting by the fire place watching from the window. It was lunch time and we expected them to come in any minute. As I stood up a toboggan came slowly down the hill flanked by two ski patrol staff.  As I looked at it I grabbed my coat and started for the door.

My friend Eileen called out, “Where are you going?”

With out hesitation I called back, “That’s my toboggan.”

The phone was ringing as I slammed the door. I was gone, down the stairs, running across to the First Aid station, to my youngest son, strapped on the toboggan with blood flowing from his face and four broken bones in his legs.

To this day I can’t explain how I knew. There was no thought  involved, it was an automatic response. I never before or after had that feeling when I saw the toboggan bring an injured skier down hill. It was a moment of rare connection, an amazing event in hindsight, one that changed me, one I will never forget. It still happens occasionally and not necessarily just with my kids, but also when I sense danger. Now I recognize that it’s time to act when that feeling comes over me. It gives me a chill just to think about it.

Has any one else had an experience like this?

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