Why I Feel Lucky Today

 Two years ago when I began writing, I naively believed that the actual writing would be my greatest challenge to successfully completing my book.  Retiring early I did occasional contract work, built a few websites, learned HTML and Dreamweaver, increasing my computer skills with each new challenge. I was fairly computer literate. But then came LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, now we have Tumbler, Pinterest and Blogging….. and who knows what is next.

In addition, on every writing site that I subscribe to for support and advice there is more of  the same, more than I can humanly take in and still write, edit etc.

Today alone there were 5 different sites with full page suggestions for:

What I HAVE to do before I publish…

What I should do before I dare publish….

What I need now is to find an editor I can trust. And one I can afford with out selling all my jewelry! And how many times could I need to have it edited…..? These are the tasks that seem insurmountable.

So I consider myself lucky that the writing is truly the best part.

Tell us what was the best part of your day?

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