Christmas in the country 1949

Christmas is one of my fondest memories

Until my Mother remarried when I was six, we spent Christmas at my grandparents’ home one hundred miles out of the city. Christmas in the country was magical to me.

On Christmas Eve day, my Grampa would harness the horse to the logging sled, the one used for pulling cord wood in the winter. This was not a job for the shiny black ‘going to church sleigh’. Back in the woods, he had acreage where he cut wood for heating the house and this is where he went for our Christmas tree. He would head out that morning with one of his grandsons who lived in the village. They would cut the tree, haul it back, shake off the snow, trim the stump and set it up in the parlor.

After supper, we would spend the evening decorating the tree, the children anticipating the reward of milk and cookies that always came when we completed the job and sat around admiring our work. In those days there were no strings of electric lights for Christmas trees, we decorated our tree with small candles for lights and made strings of popcorn and little red fox berries to add to the finished product. The few precious glass ornaments were placed carefully, up high on the tree well out of reach of curious children. The final touches were silver tinsel and “angel hair”. The shimmer of the tinsel and angel hair was enhanced by the soft light of the candles.

I remember being totally enthralled by the fully decked Christmas tree. If I close my eyes I can see it still and feel the warmth and love that surrounded us, as if I was there in the parlor with them all again.

If you would like to share I would love to hear your fond memories of Christmas.

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