Characters of He’s Not Your Daddy

Tom, known before and during the war as a happy, fun-loving man who loved to dance, hike and travel.  But he couldn’t manage his personal life.

Laura, Tom’s mother.

Herbert, Tom’s father.

Jack, Tom’s younger brother, who distanced himself from the family after the war.

Mary, Tom’s younger sister, all most half his age. She lived her life following very much in Tom’s footsteps.

Anna, the young woman who became Tom’s first wife, marrying him in 1941 after knowing him for less than a year. Within 3 months he shipped out to become a part of the WWII support team in the UK. They were apart for almost five years.

Maude,  Anna’s older sister, whose sweetheart was lost during the war. She never married.  The sisters lived together for the duration of WWII and were never far from each other throughout their lives.

Logan, Tom’s unknown male child born in the UK to a woman in the Lake District during WWII who we believe came home to Canada with his father.

Jo Ann, Anna and Tom’s only child.

Sara, the beautiful young Scottish girl Tom loved.

Fern,  Sara and Tom’s daughter.

Ethel, Tom’s 2nd wife who he married in 1953, and devoted herself to ignoring Tom’s life before her.

Janice, the first child of Tom and Ethel.

William, the second child of Tom and Ethel.

1 thought on “Characters of He’s Not Your Daddy

  1. Joan Bears

    Oh My – This sounds so intriguing (sp?).. I had not heard any follow-ups for a while. I’m so keen for this wonderful endeavour to become a real book to hold on our hands and become immersed in!! I’m sure it will be a pageturner – Can’t wait. Any ideea of a publishing date?
    Joan Bears


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