Winners of the first copies of He’s Not Your Daddy….

Thanks to those who took the time to chose the names and give me their opinions on the names of the characters. A special thank you to Valerie who has edited and supported me this past six months with her enthusiasm and encouragement.

Joan B, Mary P, Andrew M

Karen M, Deb B, Kathy D

Jen C, Sue B, Lynn J

Valerie V

5 thoughts on “Winners of the first copies of He’s Not Your Daddy….

  1. Joan Bears

    i’ll try again – I am very interested and curious about the creative process in making this book. I have never heard of others naming characters for the author. At first, I must admit , I was baffled about who was actually doing the writing… so interesting and I’m really waiting eagerly for the next phase!! Mary Lou – YOU GO GIRL !!

  2. Lynn

    I would love some background info, Marylou. I will also add that I find the title intriging and eyecatching.
    Have you written this?….or in the process?….or planning on it?…:) I don’t imagine you have written a book without names for your characters…but, I have been wrong before…well, maybe once..:)
    I started a couple of books years ago…because I love to read and know what I find interesting and appealing…it is easier said than done…patience and fortitude and the love of it…I would imagine are rather important…:)
    Good luck and fill us in when you can and keep us updated. This is an easy site to navigate.

    Jen…you are funny…LOL


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